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Swarna Fasteners is one of the paramount Washer Manufacturers In Delhi. A washer is a small metal sheet that is used for fixing between two joining surfaces, usually, between nut and bolt. It has the ability to spread the pressure or strengthen the seal and keep everything protected. These are usually of metal or plastic and, you can choose them depending upon the need of your application.

Plain Washer Suppliers

Plain Washer

A Plain Washer is a thin sheet of metal with a hole in the m.....

Spring Washer Suppliers

Spring Washer

Due to vibrations in the process, most of the nuts and bolts.....

Stainless Steel Washer Suppliers

Stainless Steel Washer

When it comes to making a choice on what kind of washer is r.....

MS Washer Suppliers

MS Washer

Mild Steel is the best material. When you shop for a fastener of the same MS material, .....

Split Washer Suppliers

Split Washer

Split Washers are also known as Lock Washers and used by squishing fla.....

Steel Washer Suppliers

Steel Washer

Washers indeed play a huge role in any fastening applications. They are used to act as .....

Lock Washer Suppliers

Lock Washer

Washers are available in all shapes, sizes and tensile strengths to deal with the tensi.....

Conical Washer Suppliers

Conical Washer

Conical Washer is a cone shape design washer that is.....

Flat Washer Suppliers

Flat Washer

A flat washer is a disk-shaped thin plate with a hole in the middle that is used f.....

High Tensile Washer Suppliers

High Tensile Washer

Swarna Fasteners is one of the appreciated


Swarna Fasteners is one of the paramount Washer Manu.....

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We are one of the most trustworthy Stainless Steel Washer Exporters and Suppliers In Ludhiana, India. We have a broad range of industrial washer that ensures durability, strength and uses in several applications, as per their demand. We have our in-house manufacturing unit which helps us take care of the raw material get implemented in the product, to ensure its quality and durability won’t disappoint you. If you want to place an order, get in touch right away.

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