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Washers indeed play a huge role in any fastening applications. They are used to act as a smooth barrier between a bolt and a nut and, give them protection against any damage. Also, their main function is to distribute the load, thus, they are available in custom designs and sizes. Depending on types of applications, Swarna Fasteners, being one of the steadfast Steel Washer Manufacturers in Delhi bring a huge diversity in their designs to your doorstep.

Reasons To Use Steel Spring Washer:

  • Prevent wear and distortion of the installation surface
  • Distribute load when placed properly in between a nut & bolt
  • Steel Flat Washers increases the surface area, which further help in distributing the load better
  • Depending on their size and composition, these can be used in so many applications
  • Used in applications, where they intended to be seen
  • Used either the bolt/nut side or both the sides
  • Useful as a spacer in conditions when bolt size is more than just normal

Experience + Expertise = Excellence

We are in the domain for the past 7+ years, our manufacturing experience and support of experts make it easier for us to overcome the obstacles come in the process. We don’t take the needs of our clients for granted and customized their designs and sizes, as per their specifications. As one of the most appreciated Steel Flat Washers Exporters and Suppliers in Ludhiana, India, we promise that you’ll love the end results. Be in touch now to place an order.

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