Top 3 Washers And Their Applications

Top 3 Washers And Their Applications

Inventories are an inevitable requirement of every business and a number of those have the need of fasteners. One such crucial fastener needed in multiple industries is - washer.

Washers can be defined as the product that prevents fastening or loosening by averting unscrewing rotation of the device. Swarna Fasteners is the indelible name in the list of leading Stainless Steel Washer Manufacturers that offer superior quality products to the esteemed clients. If you want to discover what different kinds of washers are, that you could use, keep on reading this article.

  • Plain Washers – It is a thin sheet of metal that has a hole in the middle of it that performs the function of load distribution of a threaded fastener. It helps in keeping the nuts and bolts at the place and provides electrical insulation.
  • Spring Washers – These washers that are sometimes referred as disc springs are a subtype of washers that will help in locking the nut/bolt to the joint and prevent loosening. It eliminates rattle, maintains assembly tension, and compensate for expansion or contraction in materials to which it is attached.
  • Split Washers – These washers are used for the purpose of squishing flat between the nut and the mounting surface. When they are being tightened, their sharp edges dig in between the nut and mounting surface. This helps in prevent anti-clock rotation.

There are multiple types of washers that you can find with one of the Split Washer Manufacturers - Swarna Fasteners. We have worked very hard to achieve the position where we are today, and we are assured that the coming years will be the golden period of our business. Get in touch with us with a call or mail.

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