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Split Washers are also known as Lock Washers and used by squishing flat between the nut and the mounting surface. At the time of tightening them, their sharp edges supposed to dig in between the nut and mounting surface, which prevent anti-clock rotation. If you indulge in any fastening application or looking for one of the top-notch Split Washer Manufacturers In Delhi, Swarna Fasteners is the name that you need to consider and keep always in your mind.

Why Helical / Split Lock Washers Are Best?

  • They increase preload on a screw or bolt
  • Provide protection against loosening
  • Reduce the spring rate of the bolted joints
  • Maintain more force under the extreme vibration or shock
  • You can avail them in different sizes and standards
  • Have more tolerance power than any other type of washer

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Its actual benefits lie in its trapezoidal shape, which when gets compressed to the load, twist and flattens. Thus, they have a huge demand in several specific applications. In an order to invest in the right quality, you should always contact the company that believes in offering quality and not the quantity. And we as the excellent Split Lock Washers Exporters and Suppliers In Ludhiana, India are one of them. We have the best range of fasteners to meet all your specific requirements. Send enquiries to be in touch now.

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