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A Plain Washer is a thin sheet of metal with a hole in the middle that performs the function of distributing loads of a threaded fastener, usually a bolt or a nut. Swarna Fasteners is a trusted brand that deals in a variety of fasteners and, recognized among the best Plain Washer Manufacturers In Delhi.


What Are The Reasons To Use Stainless Steel Plain Washer?

  • Provide electrical insulation
  • Keep the nuts and bolts in its place
  • Ensure strong fastenings hold
  • Prevent any damage
  • Require no maintenance
  • Available in different sizes, diameters, standards and thickness
  • Spread the load of a screwed fastening
  • Mainly used when the actual hole is of a larger diameter than the fixing nut

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We are the one-stop destination that without a doubt should always be on top of your priority list. We are one of the foremost Plain Washers Exporters and Suppliers In Ludhiana. We have a good quality of MS Plain Washer to offer in different parts of India and in the international market as well. We guarantee that our product quality and after-sale support won’t disappoint you. Get in touch now to place an order.

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